MMM Costume Guidelines


Costumes for Monster Mash Mile on October 30:  

Students can wear costumes to school on Wednesday, October 30, as part of the Cooley Middle School/Parent Teacher Club Monster Mash Mile Fundraiser and Celebration!  The following are expectations for costumes:

1.  No masks or face paint are allowed that cover students’ entire faces.  Students’ faces must be visible at all times (this includes morph type suits).

2.  No weapons or fake weapons are allowed – even as props.

3.  All costumes must be culturally/ethnically respectful and kind and may not be ” negatively representative” of any culture/ethnicity.  Another way to also look at this expectation is to not choose costumes that stereotype a culture/ethnic group.

4.  Costumes must follow school dress code, although pajamas are allowed (see the handbook in the planner).

5.  Costumes may not be worn prior to Wednesday, October 30.

6.  Administration will have students change into other clothes if the costume is inappropriate for school. Administration reserves the right to make this determination.

7.  See Mrs. Calkins at lunch in the main quad if you have any questions about your costume.  Mrs. Calkins is happy to talk with you and help you decide if your costume is cool for school.

Thank you for keeping our costumes safe, responsible, respectful, and kind for this special day!