Daily Bulletin and Up to Date Information


Bulletin: Please check our Daily Bulletin for all updated information. It is emailed to families every morning. Thank you.

Second Step Resources: Please copy and paste this link in your browser. https://sites.google.com/rcsdk8.org/cooley-counseling/second-step

Cooley Cobras: Cooley Cobra Students, once you arrive at school in the morning you must remain on campus until dismissal. Thank you.

Bike Helmets: Helmets are required for children 18 years and under on bikes, non-motorized scooters, skateboards and roller or in-line skates, under California Vehicle Code 21212. Please wear your helmets. 

Pedestrians & Bike Riders – Be Safe! – Cooley students, this is just a reminder to be aware of cars and traffic after school.  Crossing guards are there to assist you to make sure your street crossings are safe.  Thank you bike and scooter riders for walking your bikes and scooters off campus and across the streets for safety.  Thank you for continuing to be aware of the traffic around you!

Birthday Marquee: If you would like your student’s birthday on the marquee, there are forms in the office. It is $20, cash or check, and the money goes to our Cooley Cares account to help students in need with supplies. Please turn in forms 3 day in advance of the birthday. Thank you.

Lock Up Your Transportation! – Cooley Cobras, remember to keep your belongings safe while on campus.  Please lock up all skateboards, scooters, and bikes while on campus.  If the skateboard / scooter racks are full, please take and lock your item in the bike racks instead.  This will help keep the gate area clear and safe for everyone!

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Student/Parent Reminder regarding deliveries and drop offs: Students, please do not call your parents to drop off work or items. We cannot deliver items and they cannot be left in the office for pick up. We will not be accepting food nor any other deliveries to the classrooms during the school day, no exceptions. Please make sure that your student has everything they need for the school day when they leave for school. Thank you.

STAY INFORMED! Stay informed about Cooley by using these supports:  Our website is: https://cooley.rcsdk8.org/.  Like us on Facebook:  RCSD Cooley.  Check out our Twitter account:  @RcsdCooley.  Please follow our Instagram account at:  cooley_leadership.  Our daily bulletin is sent M-F to parent emails.

PTC Email Sign-up: Please sign-up for the Cooley PTC e-mail list to receive brief,  just-in-time info on events. Here’s the link to the website: https://www.cooleyptc.com/ just type your email into the Stay Updated!