Daily Bulletin and Up to Date Information


Parents please be extra safe when dropping off/picking up students.  Always use your blinkers and keep you eyes open for other students. Thank you!

Lost and Found: The Salvation Army is coming on May 23 to pick up all the lost and found items. Please check these items if you have lost or misplaced anything. Thank you.

Snake Pit Closed Friday- Due to the Spring Rally, Snake Pit will be closed after school Friday. However, we will be open the last 20 minutes of lunch on May 22nd and May 29th. Remember, you must use up all your Cobra Cash from this year because new Cobra Cash will be distributed next year. You will not get to use your old Cobra Cash next school year.

Do You Want To Know What’s Happening on Campus- If you have an Instagram Account, please follow Cooley Leadership @ cooley_leadership We will update you on everything happening at Cooley. If you don’t have an account, no worries! Please remind your 2nd period teacher to read the daily bulletin. Next year’s catch phrase will be… “Cobras Helping Cobras.” Thank you to Mr. Saldana for our new Cooley motto!!!

Diversity Bazaar is Thursday, May 23: Students will visit the bazaar on the following periods: Period 1 – 8th, Period 2 – 7th, Period E/part of 3 – 6th. Experience different cultures by eating food, drinks, goods, and activities. Purchase tickets 4 for $1. Before school May 14-22 in room 65. After school May 14-17 in room 73 and May 20-22 in room 83. Buy tickets in advance so you aren’t stuck waiting in line on Thursday.

Birthday Marquee: Our new marquee is up and running!! Yay!! If you would like your student’s birthday on the marquee, there are forms in the office. It is $20, cash or check, and the money goes to our Cooley Cares account to help students in need with supplies. Please turn in forms 3 day in advance of the birthday. Thank you.

Spring Rally Friday:  This year’s Spring Rally theme is “Musicals.”  6th grade is “Camp Rock” and your colors are black, blue, and red, 7th grade is “High School Musical” and your colors are red and yellow, 8th grade is “Grease” and your colors are black and pink.  Wear your colors on Friday for the rally!!!

Cooley 8th Grade Promotion Party: Thursday, May 30, Please sign up to volunteer or donate. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d4dafad2ba2ff2-night